Security checklist before leaving for Christmas

Employees will most likely remove and take-home devices like laptops, phones, tablets and other equipment from the office and this can lead to misplaced, lost or mismanaged devices.

Take care of the little things

Get an overview of which employees has access to sensitive information and take action to minimize their access before leaving.

Make sure endpoint security is enabled, up to date and properly configured on all endpoints. Also enable encryption like BitLocker with proper management in case of lost or misplaced devices.

Be extra vigilant

Remind all staff to be extra vigilant with items like mobile phones, laptops and USB drives when traveling or using it publicly. Theft is common and since these devices might contain company information you need to act quickly and notify the IT department if stolen.

Public WIFI

Public WIFI is usually poorly secured and a honeypot for criminals to eavesdrop to any information you might share. If possible turn off WIFI and do any company work over 4G. Alternatively implement and force a secure VPN connection whenever connecting to a WIFI network.

Always use a trusted VPN solution

Everybody is working from home or on the go these days. To ensure no one is listening in on your traffic, inserting malicious files to your download or redirecting you to a malicious web site, implement a secure VPN solution. This way your employees can surf and work from home or on the go through a secure connection.

Updates and Patches

Maybe the most important item on the list, keep your devices updated. Criminals are actively searching for soft targets that are using systems with known vulnerabilities. This way they can easily get access to your device and information with little to no effort. Keep in place a managed patch system so you can ensure your users are having the latest updates at all time.

Backup your critical data

Always keep an updated backup of your critical data, but perhaps even more important is to TEST the backup. Without routinely testing that the backup actually works, you won’t be safe if you need to restore it. Before leaving for the holidays please make sure you have tested that the backup is updated and working.

Online collaboration tool

Whatever you might hear, email is and never has been a safe way of communicating. Find a safe and encrypted way of communicating and collaborating with your coworkers on.

Prepare for the worst

You should have a security incident response plan in place. The plan should contain well documented steps explaining who to notify, how to contain the damage, how to proceed etc. This is usually something a managed security provider can help with or provide as a service.

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