Inventory management system a vital part of your security

The risk of not having an inventory management system

All businesses have a responsibility to protect the data of their employees and customers. So, all sizes of business are investing money on hardware and software solutions to achieve this goal. But if these assets are not managed properly these devices and software components will be vulnerable and the systems will be exploitable by hackers. In doing so the inventory has become a new point of vulnerability for cyber criminals because of unaccounted and out-of-date hardware and software. Organizations needs to make sure that proper inventory management solution is in place.

More complex

In the early days managing the IT inventory was so simple even the IT manager could do it using a simple spread sheet. Basically, IT managers must handle updates, licenses, contracts and regulatory compliance issues. But with time it has become more complicated and the use of cloud technology and mobile devices has added an extra layer of competitivity.

Different types of INVENTORY’S

Hardware asset management: A good asset management practice requires to tag hardware components properly and track throughout its lifecycle. The firmware of each hardware needs to be updated regularly.

Software asset management: IT departments must prevent unauthorized software installations. They must ensure security updates are regularly applied to installed applications and access management rules are followed properly.

Cloud Asset Management: Cloud environments use the shared responsibility model and most ITAM tools is still not good enough for cloud asset management as cloud-based services like SaaS, IaaS and PaaS are relatively new developments. So, IT teams need to pay special attention in this area.

End-User Mobile Device Management: Tracking and monitoring BYOB devices through IT inventory management is a high priority as most companies are adopting to the BYOD policies and it’s great for productivity.

So, do you really need an inventory management system?

An employee might have a PC, a mobile phone, and a tablet. In addition, the employee might have access to various servers and cloud applications which makes managing and tracking all these components very hard. Without an efficient ITIM solution its hard to manage all these components as there are just too many tools and services to keep track of. There are so many evidences about cyber criminals exploiting vulnerable components of organizations to gain access to valuable information.

Businesses need to design and implement their IT inventory management software with cybersecurity assessment in mind like Visibility and Transparency, Early Security Threat Detection, Data Traceability, Cost Optimization.

No solution can stop all cyber-attacks. But an ITAM solution can help your organization build the necessary security strategies to improve your chances of preventing an attack. And a robust ITAM solution can help your business stay safer.





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