Security tips summer 2020


Summer 2020 will be different than usual seeing as Covid19 has forced most of us to rethink our summer plans. People will spend more of their holidays at home and within their own country than usual, and this might create more challenges to security than normal. Thinking it’s safer we might bring our laptop, notepads and other devices with us without taking the necessary security steps.

Take care of the little things

As a business you need to regulate which access employees have to sensitive and critical information. If they lose their company devices or mobile phones during the holidays, take care that not any company sensitive information goes with it.

Ensure all equipment and software are up to date and configured correctly. It might be a while before visiting the IT department and you don’t want to receive panicking calls during your own holiday.

Be extra vigilant

Quick reminder to all the staff to take care of and be vigilant with their devices, not only company owned but personal devices. They might have business sensitive material stored on every device in use and could be a potential security issue if stolen.

Public WIFI

Staff should be reminded not to do any confidential work on public WIFI.  It’s recommended to use a 4G LTE mobile hotspot or connect through that capability in their smartphone.

Always use a trusted VPN solution

Employees will be bringing work home with them and working remotely. This creates an increased risk of a data breach. As more workers need remote access to documents etc. Well maintained password policy is strongly recommended when using these types of services.

Updates and Patches

Even if your employees are on holiday, security patches are not. Make sure they know how and when to patch so they don’t run the risk of being vulnerable until they are back in office.

Backup your critical data

Make sure the backup works and that the correct backup routine is being used. If devices are lost or damaged on holiday you can always restore the important information when back in the office.

Start using a good online collaboration tool

Implement and train the employees in a trusted and tested collabarioation tool. Ensuring that users don’t go and download whatever remote tool they find googling.

Get ready for a security incident

Ensuring the incident response plan is in place and updated. If disaster strikes you need to know what to do, who to contact and how to help your users..

You can always contact a managed security service provider who provides security option center solutions to mitigate all these risks.

In a SOC a team of professionals with expertise in information technology and information security is responsible for monitoring and improving the organizations security posture while preventing, detecting, analyzing and responding to the information security incidents.


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